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Street Disciples: We Gon’ Be Alright

Episode Summary

In part five “Street Disciples,” how hip-hop could wield its power in America over the next 50 years. And, a love letter to hip-hop.

Episode Notes

Trymaine Lee reflects on the direction of hip-hop over the last decade: through the Trump and Biden administrations, the rise of Black Lives Matter, and the spread of COVID-19. He surveys the state of the culture in 2023, 50 years after the birth of the artform; and he looks ahead to what the next 50 years could hold. 

Plus, guests from our “Street Disciples” series tell us how their lives have been shaped by half a century of politics, power, and the rise of hip-hop. 

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Editors’ Note: an earlier version contained an incorrect time period for the death of Michael Stewart. The story has been updated.

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